Department Promotion

Automotive engineering is an engineering department which is interested in the engineering problems and the needs of automotive sector and the other related industry branches. Automotive engineering department studies are not only about the motor vehicles that are produced to carry any kind of goods and passengers on the land transportation, but also other land vehicles which are used in agriculture, construction and defense industries. In addition, an automotive engineer also works on the fields such as design and manufacture of the vehicles mentioned above, the integration of the components that are produced in subsidiary industries, automation, quality control, protection of environment and safety procedures in the field of automotive industry.

After aerospace and aviation industry, the automotive industry takes the first place as the sector utilizing technology at the highest level with a multidisciplinary approach. In recent years, research and development expenses in the sector are increasing gradually because of intensive competition and the interest of companies in incorporating high technology. Particularly the concepts like manufacturing technologies, alternative materials and fuels, new engine technologies, environment concept, safety, electrical and hybrid vehicle design, fuel cells nowadays considerably get more importance. There is no need to say that software and informatics are getting more and more importance in the automotive sector as a result of increased use of electronics technology in automotive sector.

The automotive industry is one of the key factors that pushes forward the economy in our country. Surely, it is a result of its close relation with other fields. Automotive industry is the main purchaser in main industry branches such as iron&steel, petrochemistry, rubber, glass, electrical, electronics, machine manufacturing and that's why it is the pioneer of improvement at these sectors.


Automotive engineers deal with concepts such as the research of productions according to the needs of sector, design, development and application of the products. The Automotive Engineering Department in Atilim University was established to offer undergraduate education about fundamentals of automotive engineering and its applications, to research about cutting-edge technology and technology transfer, to find accurate, practical and economical solutions to the problems occurred in automotive engineering and its management as part of collaboration between university and industry.

In order to succeed this mission, Automotive Engineering Department raises automotive engineers who;

  • are aware of the fundamental engineering and design principles of automotive engineering,
  • are able to ideally implement engineering principles in terms of both manufacturing and design in automotive sector ,
  • have background about new technologies such as new manufacturing methods, alternative fuels, material in automotive sector,
  • are knowledgeable about environment and energy,
  • are able to enhance the safety precautions on the further developed vehicles,