Job Opportunities

Automotive industry and its close relation with the other industries create wide range of employment opportunities. In the light of the 2005 statistics, in the automotive industry, apart from 15 companies which directly produce vehicles, there are many small and medium size companies which produce components and spare parts in our country. On the other hand, iron&steel, machine&manufacturing, agriculture, construction, fuel, perspex, electrical&electronics are the industries which are directly related with automotive industry. There have been many considerable studies about production of armored vehicles in our country thanks to the investment on defense industry in recent years. Our products can easily draw attraction both in domestic and foreign markets. Consequently, automotive engineers will be able to find wide range of job opportunities in the above mentioned fields at private and public establishments.

Needs of automotive industry, especially about research and development of high technology have been highlighted in the 2015 targets of State Planning Organization. A cooperation between universities and industries is a must since automotive industry is a multi-disciplined and hi-tech industry. It is predicted that automotive engineers are expected to find job opportunities both in firms and universities which develop cutting-edge technological items for automotive industry.